The Consensus of Opinion
Article in Harper's Bazaar, Photograph by Man Ray, 
March 1936


Dabbling in freelance art, video, and design. Located in Virginia.

About the girl

Grew up in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, not far from DC. I was a tomboy and a shy kid, finding other ways to quietly express myself. I love taking frustration out with a pen to paper or a pick to a guitar. I also enjoy pretending to have a healthy lifestyle while baking cookies as often as possible.

About the art

I got my start in elementary school, copying images from How to Draw books. Largely interested in anime and comic books, I followed those styles until slowly, they morphed into my own. I have a passion for mixing media, as well as my favorite sketchbooks filled with ballpoint pen creations. Video and editing have also become a hobby of mine, making little comedy videos with my friends at college. I spent three years at James Madison University, accepted into the competitive graphic design program. I left to pursue and pave the way for my own freelance career. I'm here to draw, design, record, and tell all the stories I can.